Vocabulary related to incident communication

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    This vocabulary is intended to describe all the aspects which are needed to communicate incident related information for fire department services



  • Property: comm:classificationType
    Type - The type of classification
    URI: http://vocab.resc.info/communication#classificationType
    Domain: comm:Classification
    Range: rdfs:Literal
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  • Property: comm:dispatchedTo
    Dispatched to - the adress on the P2000 pager network where the message was sent to
    URI: http://vocab.resc.info/communication#dispatchedTo
    Domain: comm:DispatchMessage
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  • Property: comm:incidentAddress
    Incident address - The address where the incident was reported
    URI: http://vocab.resc.info/communication#incidentAddress
    Domain: comm:DispatchMessage
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  • Property: comm:incidentLocation
    Location - The location in geo format where incident is reported
    URI: http://vocab.resc.info/communication#incidentLocation
    Domain: comm:DispatchMessage
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  • Property: comm:pagerMessage
    The message send to pagers - This property contains the full message as send through pager networks
    URI: http://vocab.resc.info/communication#pagerMessage
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  • Property: comm:unit
    Unit - Unit sent to the incident
    URI: http://vocab.resc.info/communication#unit
    Domain: comm:DispatchMessage
    Range: comm:Unit
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